Fine Art Glossary

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Tears / Holes

Openings in a surface caused by forcibly pulling the piece apart.


A medium that was prevalent in Orthodox paintings during Southern Europe’s Middle Ages. The artist combines egg yolk, egg white, and oil to bind a range of pigments on a rigid support such as wood paneling.


The name by which a work of art is formally known.


Toning is the darkening or aging of paper over time, and exposure to humidity and the pollutants in the atmosphere. The toned area is surely acidic, and an indication that the rest of the sheet is probably becoming acidic. Toning appears even on pages or plates in bound books. It starts usually along the 3 unbound edges of a sheet, and slowly creeps inward.

Trimmed Margins

When the margins of a two dimensional work of art have been reduced. Typically occurs during the framing process.